Dørge Becker Carlsen feat Aviaja Lumholt

mc_kunsthal_aarhus12The Trio Dørge Becker Carlsen, who has played together since 1978, meets the Danish-Greenlandic singer Aviaja Lumholt and drummer Anders Provis.
The concert presents the magical music from their new album “Magic Mystery Moon” – – music by Irene Becker.

The performer Aviaja Lumholt blends her wonderful voice with a bodily expression of mimic and dance, which leads us into a world of stories and adventures, when she combines her Greenland ancestry with the shaman woman’s deep strength to a contemporary unifying musical expression.
Imaginative meditative singing and rhythmic ecstatic savagery.

Aviaja Lumholt, Morten Carlsen, Anders Provis, Irene Becker, Pierre Dørge i Chr.Kirken. Photo: Torben Ulrik Nissen


Irene & Aviaja/Foto:Bjarne v.H.H.Solberg